We Are Here for You

Founded by Dr. Brian Whyte, River Region Surgical Specialists and Vein Health Solutions exist to serve physicians and their patients. To provide the best possible outcomes, Dr. Whyte has composed a team that includes some of the most talented and caring physicians in the country. From major surgical solutions to non-invasive, state-of-the-art procedures, this team delivers the most intelligent and compassionate care in the region.

During his 20 plus years in practice, Dr. Whyte also has developed relationships with leading private and public health care institutions that share his values. Included are hospitals, clinics and boutique practices that have demonstrated a commitment to putting patients and their families first, are consistently responsive and display a desire to invest in progressive treatments. 

Dr. Whyte's vast network of surgical care relationships ensure that every referred patient is treated with the best possible care to restore them to the best possible state of health.